Red Ribbon Club

The Red Ribbon Club for paraglider pilots

If you are reading this, the chances are you have just qualified as a Club Pilot...... Congratulations! Or maybe you qualified some time ago, but still have very low airtime, or haven’t flown in a long while. Well, now would be a good time to sign up with The Red Ribbon Club. This informal group is part of the SHGC – a club within a club – and it aims to help new or ‘non-current’ pilots to gain confidence, regardless of where and when they trained.

It’s free – but you must have BHPA and SHGC membership.

If recently qualified as a CP, you have been given the basic skills and knowledge. But it’s only now that you can start to learn how to fly by gaining relevant airtime and experience. It can suddenly feel a bit daunting, as you realize you are now allowed to fly at club sites around the UK, without the support of an instructor necessarily watching over you! Or you may have qualified some time ago but just haven’t flown for whatever reason, for quite some time, and you would like to get ‘current’ once again.

But don’t fly alone! Club coaches will always be looking out for you, as well as fellow Red Ribbon Club members. Fly where advice and encouragement is always close at hand, until you have the experience to be making confident decisions about where and when to fly for yourself.

There will be a regular weekly post titled RRC weekend with dates,which will give you the time and place we meet up,no need to contact me first,unless you want to post a hello message,all you have to do is show up and join the rest of the group,its as easy as that

To join the contact list, go to your SHGC membership profile : My Account, Edit, Flying details. Tick the RRC box, not forgetting to submit your change. Your name can be removed from the RRC Contact List whenever you no longer need the club’s support.

It’s informal, it’s sociable, it’s confidence-building......... and it’s FREE!

Your SHGC Club contact is Matt Canning.