Today's Flying Conditions

Today's Flying

Any member equipped with a WAP-enabled mobile phone can send in details of today's flying conditions. The results will be displayed on the right hand column of the web site, near the top. The same information can also be accessed on your mobile phone.

How to receive and send reports

To receive reports at home, just log in to the web site as normal, and see if there are any messages on the right hand side.

To receive and send messages on the move, set up a bookmark on your mobile phone, in the form:

replacing yourusername with the name that you use to sign on to the web site, and yourpassword with the exact password you use. The password is case-sensitive, the name is not. eg if you are 'John Smith', and you log in as 'JSmith', with a password of 'letMEin', then the bookmark should be set up as:

(Ensure you include any spaces in your username if you have them)

Go to your new bookmarked site, and you will see a display something like the following:

15:43 Ditchling Sea breezed JSmith
12:49 Dyke OK FredBloggs
12:34 Ditchling OK JSmith
11:30 Dyke Too light FredBloggs

[list of sites here]


[list of conditions here]


[optional message]

Submit Report

(You can see what it might look like on your phone, by entering the same URL in your web browser).

The reports will be in reverse order; last first, so that you can immediately tell what the existing conditions might be. Each line has its author against it. On the web site, you can look up the author through the link provided.

If conditions have changed in the meantime, you can update the messages by filing your own report. In the fields below the messages, select the site, the new conditions, and optionally a message. Then hit the Submit report button. Attach a message if that helps, otherwise leave it out.

If you have submitted a report announcing good conditions for flying, then please update it if conditions deteriorate. That way, we all save petrol money (and the planet!) by not making wasted journeys. It is perhaps more important to do this than it is to announce good conditions.

How much will it cost?

The only cost is your mobile phone company's rate for internet access. The data sent is very small, so it shouldn't cost you much at all, possibly less than a text message does.
Your savings in fuel will be much greater.

It all depends on co-operation

If no-one fills in reports, no-one benefits. Saving just one wasted journey will benefit you many more times than paying for dozens of internet accesses. Remember that your name is attached to every report. If someone saves you a lot of money, buy them a beer in return!