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Lightness 2 Lumbar strap

A lightness two lumbar strap failed in flight recently.
The harness in question had been SIv'd and had a few hours on it but was not in generally worn condition.
Please check your lumbar straps where they pass through the adjustment buckles.

Learn your airspace!

Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
23 Jul 2016
Takeoff site: 

Was feeling a bit unmotivated the night before but Boris motivated me to make the trip to Milk/Rybury for the first time. Thanks for that and for driving!

The night before I hastily put a couple of waypoints in my Kobo to try and get through the gap between Benson and Brize. Only arrived around midday then spent a while faffing around trying to decide between Milk and Rybury. In the end we went for Rybury as people seemed to be climbing better from there. While setting up a bit gaggle got away from Milk, so maybe not the best decision!

SHGC Summer Bash

3 Sep 2016 - 18:00
4 Sep 2016 - 13:00

Andreus will cook us fabulous food. Mark will stoke the fire, tunes will be played, beer and wine drunk on a balmy Autumn evening.
A small charge of £10 gets you amazing food and at least one beer.
This will be the last year for Andreus so come taste his wonderful nosh!

Lots of room for tents or huge motor trailers.

All new pilots welcome as are the old fogeys.

Its a very informal and relaxed affair around the campfire, So come and chat parabolox !

Pay at

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Coaching evening and Induction for new members

28 Jul 2016 - 19:30
28 Jul 2016 - 22:30

Carrying on from June's evening we will continue the theme of weather, forecasts and improving your flying.

We touched on RASP last time so in this session will cover this in more details and go through the tephigrams (RASP Soundings) in more detail.

I will grab some from July and go over these.

We will also look at things like your first XC, getting away from the Dyke and airspace.

Plus any coaching questions you might have.

7.30 to 8 will be induction for new members then 8 till around 10 ish the coaching evening.

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Sup'Air harness buckles - no doubt other brands to follow. Different buckle to previous S/N

Unfortunately only in French at present:

Approximately translated as 'the safety T lock buckles numbered in the S/N have opened unpredictably in flight. The fault is not visible. stop flying any harness so equipped now...'

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Acro in front of launch

Performing aerobatics over or in front of launch is a really great way to demonstrate that you are an incompetent muppet.

Take off, clear launch.

If you wish to perform acro, find an empty part of the sky well away from any launch or landing areas. Then confine yourself to that area until you wish to return to normal flight.

Check that the airspace is clear before approaching any landing area. join any landing pattern in an orderly manner. Do not spiral or wagga your way to the front of the queue.

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Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in the chest strap

DHV flying ban for many harnesses, several of which are not listed specifically below.

The DHV have grounded a large number of harnesses with chest straps using automatic T-lock and Click-lock buckles (HSi10) made by the company, Finsterwalder Charly. This concerns numerous harnesses made by Advance, Ava-Sports, Apco, Finsterwalder & Charly, Karpofly, Sky Paragliders, Skytrekking, Sol and Woody Valley, as well as some harnesses used for paramotoring.