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RRC weekend 6th -7th feb

6 Feb 2016 - 00:00
7 Feb 2016 - 00:00

I feel that i seem to be posting the same old bad weather report for each coming weekend,this stands true for this looming weekend and ,days either side.
One Tuesday i will bring a optimistic weather report,but until then just watch flying vids and dream.Its very good to do this ,or study weather internet sites or books because when the weather does break, your brain will need to focus on your active skill of flying your wing ,and all the weather stuff will be less of an issue as you will be masters at reading the sky you are playing in.

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Flying in the Dolomites

If you are considering flying in the Dolomites now or in the future, please read this and digest:

TVHGC received the following from Rodolfo Saccani of the FIVL:

Hi Everybody.

We keep having serious problems in the Dolomites (expecially in Canazei – Col Rodella – Pordoi – Marmolada).

The Dolomites area is again at risk of being closed to free flight.

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dyke new fence

Be aware all, a new temporary electric fence has been put up on the main take off field.It will be there for approx 4-6 weeks. You are still able to launch but below the fence line,and has a gate to enter.Top landinging the area will need more vigilance.

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Latest BHPA Club Bulletin

December 2015 now available - Click here for a complete list

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DIY Pilot - please look out for him

Over the last few weeks an untrained (and therefore non BHPA, non-insured) paraglider pilot has been seen on our hills and spoken to several times.

He is a danger to himself, others and to our site agreements.

Please can everyone look out for him and explain the need for training, insurance and club membership. All those things are required to gain the land owner's permission to fly and to comply with the law.

You can put him in touch with me (Dave Lewis, Chief Coach) and I can sort out how best for him to join the BHPA and get his ratings.

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More Tick Trouble

Dear All,