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pilot exam Meterology and new pilot induction

25 Jan 2018 - 19:30
25 Jan 2018 - 22:00

Pilot induction from 7.30 pm

Met exam stuff from 8 pm at Glynde social club.
• understand the relationship between wind direction and areas of high and low pressure
• be able to describe in detail a cold front and a warm front (typical clouds, conditions, pressure changes,
wind changes)
• be able to identify some common high, medium and low cloud types, and give their approximate heights
• fully understand convection (the birth and development of a thermal, through to plotting the progress of a
thermal given the ELR and initial temperature)
• understand, and be able to define and use, meteorological terms such as stability, instability, veer, back,
ELR, DALR, SALR, tephigram, anabatic, katabatic
• be able to describe the usual conditions associated with high- and low-pressure weather systems
• understand the causes of: valley winds throughout the day, sea breezes and sea-breeze fronts, wave lift,
fog (of various types)
• fully understand and be able to interpret a synoptic chart - to the extent of being able to describe the
current weather at selected locations, and to forecast likely changes
• be able to link cloud types to precipitation.

You dont need to be taking the exam to come to the talk and it does not matter if you missed the first one.

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Induction and first of the pilot lectures Air law and navigation

30 Nov 2017 - 19:30
30 Nov 2017 - 21:30

OK. Induction for new members from 7.30 till 8 pm and then the start of the pilot lectures.
It will be at Glynde Social club as usual.

For any CP wanting or even vaguely thinking of becoming Pilot rated next year over winter we run a series of 3 lectures covering the three different areas of the Pilot Exam.

And it all kicks off with Air law and navigation.

We go through each part of the syllabus to help you understand the various topics.
Its not a replacement to your own study but it certainly helps.

Even if you are already Pilot rated but want to brush up then come along.

And if anyone is feeling brave and would like to run this one for me just let me know.

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Coaching evening and induction for new members

26 Oct 2017 - 19:30
26 Oct 2017 - 21:30

Induction for new members and coaching tips for low air timers.

Glynde social club.

The first 30 minutes is just for the new members then we will take up some key points about flying for low air time pilots.

Or if you have any specific questions about flying you want covered.

Anyone is welcome to come along. Even if you just want to have a drink and chip in the odd comment.

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BHPA Coaching course

9 Dec 2017 - 00:00
10 Dec 2017 - 17:30

There will be a BHPA coaching course in December. The venue is going to be Fly Sussex. The course is free for SHGC members.

This is for CPs or Pilots who want to coach for the club. Also, if you are an existing coach and have not done a coaching course in the last 4-5 years then you will need to update. We only run thee once every couple of years so bear that in mind.

Space on these courses is limited so book sooner rather than later. While the course is free please dont put your name down unless you are definitely going

For any of the CPs wanting to do the course you require a minimum of 10 hours of air time.

For anyone who has not done the coaching course it is recommended and will help with your own flying.

To book a place please contact Si Brewster on 07780 686 653 or email him on sue.si@btinternet.com

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induction and coaching evening

28 Sep 2017 - 19:30
28 Sep 2017 - 21:00

There will be an induction meeting for new club members starting at 7.30 pm

This will then roll over into a talk covering basic points of safety and flying mainly geared for the new pilots and lower air time.

Any one is welcome to come along and join in.

Location Glynde Social club

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Induction for new members

27 Jul 2017 - 19:30
27 Jul 2017 - 21:00

At Glynde Social club there will be an induction meeting for new members.

This will be followed by a short coaching evening, mainly for the new members or new low air timers to cover some basics to help with their flying.

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Hands on XC Planning

24 May 2017 - 19:15
24 May 2017 - 21:15

This is a chance to get grips with various tools for planning an XC. RASP, XC planner and NOTAMs ( to name a few).

The idea is that you bring along your laptop and we go through planning an XC day. Looking at the weather, choosing a site, planning a route, looking at airspace, and downloading the route to your device.

That way you get to work through it rather than just sitting there taking notes. Its a trial run through and hopefully if there is enough interest we can use a similar format for other meetings.

It is being held at Fly Sussex. make sure your laptop is fully charged as there will not be an abundance of power points. You can always share with someone

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The Joy of XC - a Q & A session with Luke Nicol

27 Apr 2017 - 19:30
27 Apr 2017 - 21:30

Luke is well known in the hanggliding community for his skills and enthusiasm for the sport. Luke has now added paragliding to his list of activities and has just lauched himself into the XC scene with a blinding 200k flight.

Luke is hosting the coaching evening this month and will be doing a short talk folowed by Q & A.

Come along, get inspired , get some helpful data and get going with your own XC adventures.

This will be from 8pm

7.30 to 8 pm induction for new members

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8 Apr 2017 - 19:30
8 Apr 2017 - 22:00

A final reminder for this Saturdays AGM. 8th April 7.30 at the Glynde Social Club.
We now have a nomination for Membership Secretary but still none for the Social Secretary.
Dave from the Social Club will once again be supplying food paid for by the Club, as will your first drink. The club will be open from 6.00pm prior to the meeting commencing.

Copy of the agenda attached


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Coaching evening for newer pilots

30 Mar 2017 - 19:30
30 Mar 2017 - 22:00

7.30 to 8 will be induction for new members and this will be followed at 8 pm with the coaching evening.

Mainly for newer pilots ( or anyone who wants to turn up - but geared for lower air time). Essentially its an open question evening so you can ask what you like about paragliding and I will do my best to come up with some sensible answers. Anything in particular you want covered let me know. But I will be going over these areas:

Thermalling for beginners.
Getting ready for spring after the winter break
Choosing your site - RASP, weather etc.
Coaching and how to improve your flying skills.
Getting away from the hill/first XCs

For any coaches who can make it would be great if you can come along as well.

It will be at the Glynde Social Club.

Also, anyone wanting to take their pilot exam that night let me know